June 5, 2020

60% of Lucy's Bones Vol. 18
- The Promise of Transformation

Higashiji Yuichiro

Higashiji, who performed the work “A=A A≠A”, a work that extracted the new values based on the repetitively increasing differences obtain by repeating the reproductions of the assumption A=A, focused on a particular movement on the social media.
“The ‘7-day book cover challenge‘ aims to contribute to the “dissemination of the reading culture”. To participate, you can post a photo of your favorite book once a day for seven days. In the meantime, nominate and ask a friend to continue the challenge.”
The origin of this book cover challenge is unknown (one theory says that it was a modification of another baton), which is the result of the adjustment and diffusion of that copy. Based on the posts that have already been performed, it seems that some people focus on the content of the book, although the subject of the challenge is the book cover. As a response to that, according to the procedure of “A=A A≠A”, the target object was placed on a copier, and the resulting copied paper was then scanned again.

60% Vol.18